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"Seeing that the 97's are a democracy through and through, inevitably, some of these tons of songs I write will get vetoed. The first time that happened (and every time thereafter), I consoled myself with the thought that sooner or later I'd make a solo record,"
Rhett Miller

"I have tons of old school 97 fans tell me how they heartily approve of The Instigator,"
Rhett Miller

“Bands break up for all kinds of reasons, We were like, ‘We don’t want to break up, so let’s just take time off.’
Philip Peeples

“That’s always been one of our trademarks, playing country-style music although we don’t look or act and we’re not very country. The songs have witty lyrics and they’re pretty catchy. That’s been our blessing and our curse. It’s made us unique, but it made the major-labels go, ‘How the hell do you market this?’”
Philip Peeples

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