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Ojos de Brujo Quotes

The idea of Ojos de Brujo wasn't even to start a band. We got together to do jam sessions in which, without asking where anybody came from, we did what we liked. If there is a common denominator in the group's birth, it is the common admiration for flamenco... without trying to do flamenco. Flamenco is inside us just like many other things. The musical performance Ojos de Brujo does was a representation of those jams and a reflection of the entire group's musical knowledge. In a bulería rhythm, a Cuban plays it his way adding the congas and that creates a curiosity and an anxiety to find points in common. In time, since there were already raw materials of things to tell, when the chance to make a record sprang up, we included what had happened in those five or six previous years. 
Ramón Giménez

There's no room for mercenaries in Ojos de Brujo. There has to be some affinity, and life takes you there, there's chemistry and it happens. 
Ramón Giménez

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