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Of Montreal Quotes

Me and Derek are the original members.? We met in the summer of ’96 at a party, and then we started playing together.? And then we met Bryan Helium – from Elfpower – and he was playing bass with us for awhile.? And that outfit lasted for about a year.
Kevin Barnes

Well, it’s not like we’re on a crusade to make people more aware of the Sixties or anything. But we are all heavily influenced by it, among other things.
Kevin Barnes

I kind of went through a phase where I was thinking about death a lot. Songs like “Scenes From My Funeral” and “Buried With Me” were written when my uncle was dying, and that got me thinking about death. So… I don’t really dwell upon it too much [laughs], but I was going through a phase where I was thinking about it an awful lot more than I do now. 
Kevin Barnes

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