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We’ve been blessed to tour with the best performing acts in the business right now in underground hip-hop and we’ve taken something from everyone we’ve toured with, from Atmosphere to Lyrics Born and Zion I. Also, a really amazing experience for me was touring with Buck 65 for a week and a half. He puts on a show like nothing else you’ve ever seen and its just some really different shit. He has amazing charisma and can carry a show just off of his own charisma, so we tried to take that from him. We try to take something from everyone we tour with.

Well I always say the first two rap songs I heard were Tone-Loc “Wild thing” and DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince “Parents Just Don’t Understand.” Basically I was on some Top 40 shit, Michael Jackson “Bad,” even George Michael. I’m not ashamed. But as far as hip-hop, the first shit that I really got into was Pete Rock and CLSmooth, Das EFX, and A Tribe Called Quest. Next question goes to Anatomy. 

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