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I brought my cousin Erin in with me one day. We then had auditions and brought in Angel from there. Angel was friends with Jessica and she brought her in one day and thatís how we all got together. It was sort of like a chain reaction.

My Dad is a producer and I asked him to fulfill my life long dream of putting a girl group together. He helped make my dream come true and that is how ĎNo Secretsí got started. We met Jade because my family is family friends with Jadeís mom.

When I am home I go to school and then when we have to go somewhere I get all the work I need and I do it when we are away on the plane or in the hotel. I just try and catch up.

Math and science are my favorite. Jade and I love to do the fun things most kids donít love to do. Like we play pool, golf, bowling and roller-skating, ice-skating anything thatís not as common as it used to be

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