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Well, the only original member is Gabe (drummer). The band started in 1997 but us 4 have only been playing together for a year. The band has been a rotating door. We all have been friends for a while and have played in different bands around town. Itís kind of like the process of natural selection. Actually I'm lying. We killed all the original members of Northstar. We liked the name.

We all listen to different types of music. Shawn likes metal. Gabe listens to Journey. Tyler listens to Craig David. I listen to Springsteen. I wouldnít say we were influenced by any one style of music or we try to copy a certain type of "sound". We just do whatever. Everything you listen to influences you in some way.

The reaction so far has been great. I'm glad that a lot of people out there get it. There are the occasional people who really can't stand it, and I'm sure thatís because it just goes over their head. I like to make people think. Some people want their music simple and sugar coated, and that's perfectly fine as well.

We love touring. Itís great to play music to people every night and its even better when the people know your music. It doesn't really affect our lifestyle. It IS our lifestyle. Itís a lot better than working a job.

Well, one thing we learned quickly was that money IS a large part of what youíre doing; business wise and personal wise. When you dedicate yourself to making music, a lot of people don't understand that you need money to live.

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