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Good, thank you. Since the release of our cd "Honk if you're horny!!" in January last year we've been playing quite a lot. More than 30 gigs in that time and we can only play on the weekends, so we didn't make a big tour or anything like that.

Yeah, we started as a 5-piece punk rock band. Our first gig was in June (or was is July) 1996, where we mostly played coverversions of punk songs we liked (and were able to play wink.gif). We played stuff from Pennywise, Nofx, Venerea, Black Train Jack and the likes.

We all listened to punk rock before and knew each other and at some point we just thought that making music together would be great. Michael (Opitz) and Simon (Blage) where playing in a band together before and they asked Mario to join them on guitar. Then Simon (Müller) joined on drums and that was the line-up for the first gig.

Our musical taste. We all listened to punk rock and there was a big trend of combining ska elements with that. Nofx or Operation Ivy were probably the first bands to do that, that we knew of. With a record like "Tiny Tunes" from Millencolin playing all the time on our stereos it was just a matter of time until we had to try that ourselves.

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