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As an independent Label (that we set up with my family 5 years ago) it feels great to have had a large mainstream success. It's great to be able to be able to be an underground folk hip hop band. And play our stuff to millions of People. And not be owned by anyone. We recommend it.

When me and Luke got together playing music we played heavy metal and then heavy metal funk, and even though thatís quite a long way from what we do now it still comes out in our playing. I have a distortion and wah wah pedal for my double bass.

I love wooden blocks, because you could make anything with then. I used to make wooden spaceships with them, with a little self-destruct key that you could pull out and it would all fall down.

Well, I've got brothers and sisters, so me and my brother always used to fight about toys, and he would always win. So I would end up with jigsaw puzzles.

Well I've never heard that before. Hmmm. Me and Luke loved Craig David. Music is a funny thing; you can be playing away and then suddenly be quoting all sorts of music some that you donít even like. No genre lives in a vacuum.

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