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I generally play some chords and sing over them and a number of things can happen -- either I will sing something and I will think, "wow, that's really cool, I'm gonna keep going," or I'll think, "that's really stupid, I'm worthless, I'm gonna go watch TV,"

A lot of guys get slammed pretty hard. I do think there's a tendency with women performers to just sort of write them off. The "Flavor of the Month" kind of thing. Or as a novelty, because I do think women in bands are still considered a novelty, or a little confection.

There's a whole set of politics that I don't necessarily understand. But when you're talking about a teenage girl, it's really very pure and very basic, like, "I am excited and empowered by what these people are doing on stage and I want to play guitar because of that."

There's a huge influence. Hearing the album Beauty and the Beat was a total revelation for me.

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