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Yeah, I'm outgoing. But I guess it depends on how I feel on that day. I'm not a big bravura shit-cocker on an everyday basis. That would be really annoying.

Well, I'm a fan like everybody else. Maybe I'm not as...it takes a lot for me to get star-struck, because I've been around a lot of [famous] people. And I realize that they're just normal people that are really talented, you know? So in that way, I guess if you put me next to a girl from Omaha we'd have different reactions to it. But there are those people that I meet that I'm like, 'Oh my God!'

I'll always try and achieve a balance between the two and find my own kind of slant on what that sounds like. But I have no idea. You really don't know how anything's going to truly turn out.

Well, luckily, I'm married to my producer (laughs). So he totally gets the road and the lifestyle and you know. We're each very involved with each other's things. It works out. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. He's happy to send me off on the road, and I'm happy to go, but then we're happy when we see each other.

There were all different reasons. When I was really young, they didn't want to sign me here until I was thirteen. I think it was because of child labor laws or whatever. It was just easier. And then after that I wasn't really interested in hotly pursuing it. I did this other record as a teen, that I was in and out of very quickly. I guess I knew that I wasn't ready yet. It really wasn't that important to me.

It's a different charge. I mean, obviously playing live is so fun, and you get to vibe-off how ever many people are in the room. That's an energy that's really exciting and electric. But there's also something about creating something that isn't yet tangible. Music isn't a tangible thing. It just kind of exists in the air and you have to try and find it. Or manifest it. And that's kind of exciting because it's like this magical thing. You hear this song that you wrote, and you hear how it's turned out and it's so different from how you imagined it. It's a whole mysterious process. It's really exciting. The live thing has that aspect as well, because you don't know how a show is gonna go.

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