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Gosh I started out in 2003 so I will have to cast my mind back. The first session lasted about six weeks; I then came back home and faffed around with some of it and didnít like some of it so I went back. The bulk of it was done in America either with me there or me being sent the files and stuff. I go back quite often because my boyfriend lives in Los Angeles and weíve been in a long distance relationship for about 2 years.

Every since I was little I have been musical, my family arenít professional musicians or anything but they are very musical, so they always encouraged me. I then went to a school that really concentrated on music that was followed by Music College, I then just fell into jobs doing backing vocals, doing stuff on dance records, I worked in a record company for a little while, then I got signed to Polydor/Universal about 4 years ago and put out my first record.

Life really, when I write songs Iím not very conscious of what Iím writing about. Thoughts just pop out and then I can visualise a scene, I also come up with dummy lyrics that have a vibe or sentiment of what I want to write about. But I donít ever start and say Iím going to write a song about this.

Yes, I play a little bit of bass, Iím not too brilliant at it yet. I play it on one of my new tracks. At heart I am a piano player, I am feeling a lot more confident about playing guitar and Iím playing it more and more frequently on records and things. I always think of myself as a piano player who dabbles with other things. The piano just comes as 2 nd nature to me, I can play the drumsÖ. badly! I love playing different things because you can get such a different vibe. I write songs in different ways on different instruments.

I think most people take time off touring to record. I loved recording but I canít wait to get back performing and playing live I love doing it all. Iím just so incredulous that I have finished this bloody record itís been such a long time! I have to pinch myself everyday.

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