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Neal McCoy Quotes

“What we have to offer is a better return for an artist's money. We've got a great promotion team in place, and we can concentrate on a few artists and see that they succeed - whether they're established or a new artist, ... Our strength is country, obviously, so right now we're looking for country. But we're also seeing who comes to us and see if we'd be able to successfully market them. We're talking to two or three acts, but our major focus to this point has been getting me relaunched and getting my record up the chart.” 
Neal McCoy

“So many artists do so much throughout the year to help others and none of us do it for the recognition. But, it is nice to get a pat on the back and I really appreciate it.” 
Neal McCoy

“Some people say, 'I don't care if they like me or not.' Not me! I want people to like me, and if they don't like me, I want to do something about it. And the way I'm able to do that is by singing and entertaining. It's the best way I know to get through to people,” 
Neal McCoy

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