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In fact up to the 1980's I worked with my music and became very successful. That's why in 1981 I founded my own studio - Mythos Studio Berlin (MSB). Because I've been well known in the musicians' scene and had many press and radio appearances for the record release of the album Grand Prix ("Berlin boy recorded an Lp in his own studio!!"). Within a few months I could order a professional 16-Track-recording machine (in '82); 24 and 32 tracks followed later on. Also 32-channel-mixer (today 40-channel, computer mixer), digital stuff and effect-units I never heard of before. Remembering those early years I still smell the interior of my first new Jaguar. For years I lived in it, as well as in the studio except the few hours of sleep at home. Up to today more than 1000 groups, projects and musicians of all kind of styles have worked in the MSB. All my compositions and musical themes of that time were used for numerous TV- and radio-commercials or video- and film music.
Stephan Kaske

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