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I paid my dues for years. I just simply refused to take rejection. For years I went through a lot of stuff just dealing with shiesty record labels and A&Rís. I did shows for free and sold my own pressed records. It was an adventure for real.

I grew up in New Orleans and my first big release was 'Mind of Mystikal' which was released early in 1996. Then I teamed up with Master P and No Limit Records and the record "Unpredictable" really got me going.

I would have to say that my music has definitely grown and matured over the years. My reason for leaving No Limit Records was purely a professional move. No Limit was falling off, and I needed to move on. Plus the environment over there got a little negative, so I just rolled out first chance.

I wanted to come out with somethin' really hard, like 'Ready To Rumble.' But it's just a hot-ass song. It's able to get a larger-scale crowd. And that's your responsibility as an artist, too--you can't always be thinkin' what you feelin', what you believin'--you gotta do it for the fans, too."

You gonna hear Mystikal on a Master P album. And if I need him, you gonna hear Master P on Mystikal's sh-t,"

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