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I think thereís always a serious change in the look of the charts at the start of a new decade going right back to the fifties and probably even before that. The last five years of the nineties was really pop orientated and I think you have to have that every now and again. It seems to have got a bit extreme right now with bands like Limp Bizkit dominating. We met them at a big LA rock gig and played with them.
Dominic Howard

I know it seems like itís been quick but what people donít realise is that weíve been playing together for seven years so itís never really blown up quickly. We were Gothic Plague and for one gig we were Rocket Baby Dolls. That was for a band competition and we just thought weíd take the piss by wearing really way out white make up and smashed our instruments at the end. We were just trying to make a point by taking the piss out of the competition and we ended up winning it! That was when we realised maybe we were onto something. But yeah itís always a shock when things like that happen.
Dominic Howard

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