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Itís been amazing actually. The shows have been much bigger than we were used to in the past and it seems like the new record is doing well. The crowd response has been great, people are already singing along.

The coolest part, I think, about the recording studio is that Jake, the guy that works there, lives there as well and his bed is right up against the wall that faces the graveyard and his living area is actually under the church so he is actually lying on his bed, essentially underground next to this graveyard!

Yeah, the last record was one long story and this one is inspired by Danteís Inferno in the sense that we wanted to write about sin and guilt and ultimately redemption as well. The idea was that each song is about a different person who is negatively impacting the world, one way or another. I wanted all these different stories and thatís why some of the songs sound very different from each other. Theyíre about different people and so I didnít want them to sound identical so I sang in different voices in different songs and that sort of thing. So itís linked throughout the whole album with those themes but thereís no overarching concept other than that theme.

I would be content to just play rooms like The Metro, know that the rooms are going to be full and that people are going to be up to it and to be able to take out whoever we want to support us and know that it will help that band. In 2003, Thursday took us on that tour and all the shows were great and it helped us a lot. I would love to be in that position to help bands that arenít that well known.

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