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"It took me a little while to come back and do the damn thing and put out this music but I'm back at it,"

"When I was little, I used to look at Michael Jackson and I knew I had to be a part of that life. I did the day jobs and all that but I wanted to be a star. That was my goal."

"I weighed my options when I was in school, I tried sports and everything but the grades weren't there. I wasn't digging school like that. I got my GED and went about just trying to grow up."

"Making music is making music and that's what I'm doing. This is my dream."

I definitely want my shit to drop. I want everyone to get their ears and see what I got to drop on them.

I like making music. My dream came true and Iím doing what I love. When I bring an artist through Iím just feeling their flavor for the music they make. Itíll never be like the LB. No what Iím saying? I just love making this music.

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