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Christian: The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.

Christian: I can't write the show for the Moulin Rouge.
Toulouse-Lautrec: Why not?
Christian: I... I don't even know if I am a true Bohemian revolutionary.
Toulouse-Lautrec: Do you believe in beauty?
Christian: Yes.
Doctor: Freedom?
Christian: Yes, of course.
Satie: Truth?
Christian: Yes!
Doctor: Love?
Christian: Love? Above all things I believe in love! Love is like oxygen. Love is a many-splendored thing, love lifts us up where we belong, all you need is love!
Toulouse-Lautrec: See? You can't fool us! You are the voice of the Children of the Revolution!
Bohemians: We can't be fooled!

Toulouse-Lautrec: I got it, I got it! Christian!
Toulouse-Lautrec: The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be love loved in return!

Christian: [to the Duke] This woman is yours now. I've paid my whore!
[To Satine]
Christian: I owe you nothing. And you are nothing to me. Thank you for curing me of my ridiculous obsession with love.

Zidler: I am the evil maharajah!
Satine: Oh Harold, no one could play him like you could.
Zidler: No one's going to.

Zidler: [singing] Spectacular Spectacular! No words in the vernacular Can describe this rare event. You'll be struck dumb with wonderment! (Returns are fixed at ten percent You must agree that's excellent.)

Zidler: Send Christian away. Only you can save him.

Satine: All my life, you've made me believe I was worth only what someone would pay for me. But Christian loves me. He loves me, Harold. He loves me, and that is worth everything.

Christian and Satine: Come what may, I'll love you till my dying day.

Satine: What's his type? Wilting flower? Bright and bubbly? Or smoldering temptress?
Zidler: I'd say... smoldering temptress.

Christian: Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months. And then, one not-so-very special day, I sat down at my typewriter and wrote our story. A story about a time, a story about a place, a story about the people. But above all these things, a story about love. A love that will live forever. The End.

Nini Legs-In-The-Air: Don't worry Shakespeare, you'll get your ending. Once the Duke gets his end-in.

Cast of Spectacular, Spectacular: [Singing] So exciting, we'll make them laugh, we'll make them cry. So delighting...
The Duke: And in the end, should someone die?

Satine: Tell our story Christian, that way we will always be together.

The Duke: I don't like this ending.

Zidler: the Duke holds the deeds to the Moulin Rouge, he spending a fortune on you, he's giving you a beautiful new dressing room, he wants to make you a star, but YOU ARE DLYING WITH THE WRTIRE!
Satine: It's nothing. Its just infatuation it's nothing.
Zidler: And the infatuation will end! Go to the boy; tell him it's over, and the Duke expecting you at the hour eight!

Christian: Can't fall in love? But a life without love, that's terrible!

Christian: It's a little bit funny.
Satine: What?
Christian: This feeling inside. I'm not one of those who can easily hide. Is this what you want?
Satine: Ah, poetry. Yes, this it what I want naughty words!
Christian: I don't have much money but boy if I did, I'd buy a big house where we both could live. If I were a sculptor- but then again, no. Or a man who makes potions in the traveling show. I know it's not much-
Satine: Naughty, don't stop, naughty don't stop!
Christian: But it's the best I can do. (sings) My gift is my song! And this one's for you.

Toulouse-Lautrec: Christian, you may see me only as a drunken, vice-ridden gnome whose friends are just pimps and girls from the brothels. But I know about art and love, if only because I long for it with every fiber of my being.

Christian: Tell me the truth!
Satine: The truth? The truth is that I am the Hindu courtesan... and I choose the maharajah.

Argentinean: Never fall in love with a woman who sells herself. It always ends bad!

Zidler: Satine, hurt him. Hurt him, to save him.

Zidler: We're creatures of the underworld. We can't afford to love.

Argentinean: We have a dance in the brothels of Buenos Aires. It tells the story of the prostitute and a man who falls in love with her. First, there is desire. Then, passion. Then, suspicion. Jealousy. Anger. Betrayal. When love is for the highest bidder, there can be no trust. Without trust, there can be no love. Jealousy, yes, jealousy will drive you mad!

Toulouse-Lautrec: Oh no, I forgot my line.

Zidler: You know it is. The show must go on. And now my bride it is time to raise your voice to the heavens and say your wedding vows!

Christian: The Moulin Rouge. A night club. A dance hall and a brothel. Ruled over by Harold Zidler. A kingdom of night time pleasures. Where the rich and powerful came to play with the young and beautiful creatures of the underworld. The most beautiful of these was the one I loved. Satine. A courtesan. She sold her love to men. They called her the 'Sparkeling Diamond', and she was the star... of the Moulin rouge. The woman I loved is... dead.

Zidler: She said you make her feel "like a virgin."
The Duke: Virgin?
Zidler: You know, touched for the very first time!

Christian: I was made for lovin' you, baby, you were made for lovin' me!
Satine: The only way of lovin' me, baby, is to pay a lovely fee!

Satine: I can't believe it. I'm in love! I'm in love with a young, handsome, talented duke.
Christian: Duke?
Satine: Not that the title's important, of course!
Christian: I'm not a duke.
Satine: Not a duke?
Christian: I'm a writer.
Satine: A writer?

[Before kissing Christian.]
Satine: You're going to be bad for business. I can tell.

[Discussing the play.]
The Duke: Why can't the courtesan marry the maharaja?!
Christian: Because she doesn't love you!

Satine: A little supper? Maybe some champagne?
Christian: I'd rather, um, just get it over and done with.
Satine: Hmph! Oh. Very well. Then why don't you come down here and let's get it over and done with.
Christian: I prefer to do it standing.
Satine: Oh!
[starts to stand]
Christian: You don't have to stand, I mean. It's sometimes that... It's quite long and I'd like you to be comfortable. It's quite modern what I do and it may feel a little strange at first, but I think, if you're open, then you might enjoy it.
Satine: I'm sure I will...

Christian: Love is a many-splendored thing. Love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love!
Satine: Please, don't start that again...
Christian: [singing] All you need is love!
Satine: A girl has got to eat --
Christian: All you need is love!
Satine: -- or she'll end up on the street!
Christian: All you need is love!
Satine: [singing] Love is just a game.

Satine: The French are glad to die for love. They delight in fighting duels. But I prefer a man who lives... and gives expensive... jewels.

Zidler: She is mine.
The Duke: She is mine.

Zidler: Outside it may be raining, but in here it's entertaining!

Toulouse-Lautrec: Things aren't always as they seem.
Christian: Things are exactly the way they seem.

Christian: Then I'll write a song and we'll put it in the show and whenever you sing it or hear it. Or whistle or hum it then you'll know. It'll mean that we love one another.

The Duke: I'm not a jealous man, I just don't like people touching my things!

Zidler: 'Cus we can cancan! Yes we can cancan!

Argentinean: [Arriving on stage after falling unconscious for a time] S'okay. Everybody back to work!

Toulouse-Lautrec: Unbewievable! Stwaight to the ewephant!

Argentinean: The Hills are alive with the sound of music? I love it!

Zidler: A magnificent, opulent, tremendous, stupendous, gargantuan, bedazzlement, a sensual ravishment. It will be: Spectacular Spectacular!

The Duke: ...a little frog

Nini Legs-In-The-Air: This ending's silly. Why would the courtesan go for the penniless writer? Whoops! I mean sitar player.

Toulouse-Lautrec: He's got a huge... talent !

Satine: The difference between you and I is that you can leave anytime you choose. But this is my home.

Zidler: Outside things may look tragic, but in here we play with magic!

[The bohemians are rehearsing a play that resembles a certain musical that begins with a nun singing atop a hill]
Toulouse-Lautrec: [singing] The hills are made with the euphonious symphonies of descant...
Doctor: I don't think a nun would say that about a hill.

Zidler: Everything's going so well!

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