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The band actually formed in Austin, Texas around 1990. David moved to Austin from L.A. and met Christian, Geoff and Jesse through an ad in a local paper. The band played a lot in Austin, most times jamming, improvising and stretching out in a set. That’s really where the band developed its sound. The band moved to Los Angeles and began playing mostly in the downtown music and art scene. After a few months of playing late night slots in the Hollywood night clubs, a buzz and a strong following grew. 
Bryan Tulao

I grew up listening to, pretty exclusively, soul, jazz, funk and some gospel when I was really young. CURTIS MAYFIELD, JAMES BROWN, MARVIN GAYE, TEMPTATIONS, STYLISTICS. Stuff my parents listened to. It wasn’t ‘till I was about 10 years old that I really discovered and dove into rock music. I was completely obsessed with LED ZEPPELIN.
Bryan Tulao

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