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“Serpent Angel” is the first promo track. Moonspell was called Morbid God at the time. This was in 1991. We changed the name and did a demo in ‘92. These are the remaining songs. They are the most simple and basic songs we ever did, but the inspiration of the time was the best: Bathory, Celtic Frost, Samael, Tiamat, Morbid Angel and all the underground. We were part of the new black metal, and it is still going on today. Never in our dreams would we have thought it would be so popular.
Miguel (Mike) Gaspar

I’ve always loved music since I can remember. I was 6 and used chopsticks to drum. When I was 14 I had my first band, and at 16 Moonspell. So I don´t know much else than this life. Why do anything else if you can rock?
Miguel (Mike) Gaspar

We’ve made a living from Moonspell for about 8 years now. The beginning was tough. But now we are organized and manage to live. We do have other stuff we like to do. Fernando writes books and participates in everything he can concerning literature. I do tae kwondo and teach classes. Pedro has a family and Ricardo is in his own world. He does Aikido for the stress. Aires is the only one that has to work. He does a lot of cover bands and bar nights. But we think he goes for the free whiskey!
Miguel (Mike) Gaspar

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