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Moments in Grace Quotes

I think we definitely take the band more seriously even though we were serious from the beginning. When we were getting ready to record with Brian we were focused on our music more than we thought we ever would.
Tim Kirkpatrick

Jeremy, our singer, writes a lot of songs that he records in his own studio. He’s a really good engineer and a multi instrumentalist. He comes up with the bulk of our songs. He will come up wit the song and do all the instruments then bring it to us at practice and from there we shape it into a Moments in Grace song.
Tim Kirkpatrick

About two years ago. They were living in St. Augustine which is about an hour north of Gainesville. They had just moved there from Pensacola which is the panhandle of Florida. I wasn’t the original drummer but when they made the move to St. Augustine their drummer bailed on them. Then I met them through mutual friends in another band.
Tim Kirkpatrick

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