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Chris and I have known each other for years. We played in a band togetheróand actually played with the Rejects when they were just a 3 piece. Eventually they asked me to start playing second guitar for them. And then their drummer went crazy, so thatís when Chris came in.

I worked at the Guitar Center, for a couple of years in the accessories department. Then I worked at Taco Bell as well. I went to college for a couple of years, then I quit. I was majoring in communications, then decided I just didnít want to do it.

We toured on the last album for almost 2 years solid. I wouldnít say we were burnt out, but we were definitely ready for something different.

I had some friends in bands. I started out on drums, and I wasnít very good. When Iíd play with them, Iíd just pick up the guitar and start to play (with them laughing at me). Iíve never taken lessons, so Iím not near as good as I could be for playing as long as I have.

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