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I think people ignored the whole screw game, the whole Houston game, but they couldn't deny it. You keep hittin' them and keep hittin' them, and it keeps getting better.

"Tippin' " means cruising. You can catch me cruising up the block or catch me tippin' up the block. "Fo' vogues" means you got four rims — the spokes that you see sticking out — and tires. So when he says, "I'm Tippin,' " I'm cruising on four vogues, and they wrapped in a Volt tire. The Volt tires were made in 1994 by Cadillac and those were the most popular ones at the time.

I been putting it down for years, but what's crazy is that in 2001, when I did start rapping, my name took off quick because I came up with nice strategies for the strippers. Like when I did a song for Strawberry, all of a sudden Coco came to me, "Oh, you got to do one for me!" Then Alize came in, and next thing you know I had a whole fleet that I would do it for. Then the strip club owners had me on their commercials: "Yeah, Mike Jones is gonna be here live." And then when I get there, nine or 10 girls would get up and dance to a Mike Jones song.

Swisha House is a well-based underground label. They was like a underground Roc-A-Fella; they was already holding it down on the mixtapes. They came to me in 2002 and I'm still with them. My grandmother passed away right before my name started really taking off, so on the album Who Is Mike Jones? I wrote a song called "Grandma" and it tells everybody the whole story, why I said my name, why I give my phone number out.

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