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Mike Inez Quotes

"I read in a rock magazine that our band had broken up, so I stopped going to rehearsal"

"No bodyguards, no fuckin' Lear jets, no fuckin' tour bus, no 50 people following you around every day. We all had to go away from each other and the music industry for a while."

Jerry, Jerry...he's kind of got a feminine side to him...he's in touch with his feminine side.

"But bassists are the most important..."

"It's funny, you go to Jerry's house, and he's got like dogs and a stream and he just hangs out...he doesn't have bikini dancers on every surface at his house, you know? We're easy-going guys."

"Might I add that you are just a fine specimen of womanhood?" (to Nona Weisbaum)

"Backstage is greatly overrated"

"Quit looking at my ass!"

"Actually, that was the whole concept for the album cover, we were gonna have a scratch & sniff feces album cover to draw your own flies. It was gonna be called 'Draw Your Flies.'"

"Jerry Cantrell told me this: 'You've gotta live life before you can write songs about it.' ...We've been on the road for a year and a half, two years straight. We gotta live normal life and experience normal life for a little while. So, that's what we've been doing for the last eight months."

"Layne is the most creative, witty and sharp-minded guy I've ever met. People should get to know Layne before they comment about him. Layne loves having fun and playing jokes - it was his idea to do 'The Nona Tapes'. He's certainly not the miserable guy he's painted to be."

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