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All bands have different markets: you are not going to get the same review in Dallas that you will in New York. 
Tomas Haake

We started to write for the Catch 33 record, and what we had written in the beginning was going to be the I EP which was going to be released on Fractured Transmitter, which would later release the I EP. WE lost track of what we wanted to do after a month of recording. We were also recording with live drums. We weren’t feeling it and we started over. We did a totally different thing and that became the I EP which was released on Fractured Transmitter. 
Tomas Haake

In a lot of ways, I’d say that all of our releases until Nothing, everything was written separately. I would co-write with Martin or Frederick, Martin would write with Frederick or by himself, Jens would write by himself, and we would bring stuff together, most of which would be complete songs. For Catch 33 and I were both a full band efforts. With the I EP, Frederick and I went to a jam room and we would must play. When we would find something we liked, like a pattern or a riff, on the drums, we would do takes of ten to fifteen minutes of me playing that part. Since we jammed them I would stray from the pattern and keep going. We would take a chunk of that and add it to the next part. That is how the I EP came to be extremely random. For us, it is almost impossible to learn it, because everything is so random. When we had record the guitars and bass, we had to draw schematics for the whole thing. Not notations, but simple guides to where all the hits where because it was all random. There is not a pattern or anything. That was also why it took so long to record it.
Tomas Haake

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