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Meegs "Miguel Rascon" Quotes

"I have a couple of best friends, but I'd rather not say who. I dont them comming up to me going, 'What about me?' I dont want to get into trouble. Maybe my ex-girlfriend Tonya, who i still talk to a lot."

"The band call me Meegs, which is short for Miguel. I got that nickname from Elijah (Blue Allman, of Deadsy). We were all tweaked one night and he kept going, 'Meegs! Meegs!' and it stuck."

"My ding-a-long! I play with it all the time. I dont have pets because i get too close to them and when they die I totally suffer. I use to have a cockateel bird, which I loved so much. One night my Mom was cleaning the house and she had this big pail of floor polish out. The bird just flew into it and drowned. It traumatised me forever!"

"I once bought this penice enlarger, and it was the most expensive kind. I wanted to impress the ladies, you know? I paid a hefty amount for it too!"

"There are a million girls out there that i would f**king shag, but there's one who stands out: porn actress Jena Jameson. She's a nice peice of ass!"

"Oh, f**k! In Cincinnati, Ohio. We were playing with sevendust, Human waste Project and Dayinthelife. And stupid me, I got really wasted before we went on, and I wobbled out on stage. I played a couple of notes and fell into the monitors, right into the security guys in front of me. After two songs, the band actually left me up there and walked off...and i'm still thinking we're playing. It was horrible."

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