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There’s a lot of stuff across the board, for like the whole band, a lot of classical rock, Led Zeppelin, The Who, especially for me with that bass player, John Entwistle is the man, The Beatles, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails, Muse, @#$%& um Gatsbys American Dream, all kinds of stuff, we really listen to a lot of music, so it’s really hard to single out what’s an influence cause at this point, we are really tryin to sound like whatever we want to, we’re not saying “we’re in this scene and this is what we do” we are just leaving it to whatever…::Benji (Drum Tech) does trick with drum sticks:: THAT’S FUCKIN PHAT BENJI, do that one more time! That was some drumline shit.

We played 6 songs for Alternative Press and they freaked out about it, they said we sound like Muse meets Gatsbys American Dream meets The Beatles, which is a good combination in my book, but um all of our family members and friends love it, the record is really eclectic, no solid sounds, just a whole bunch of different sounds, there are songs that if you put “She’ll Never Understand” up against it, you’ll be like, “This is not the same @#$%& band” and it totally is.

It’s kind of a mixed thing between musical industry garbage you have to get through, you gotta get your approval from your booking agent and your manager and its like they wanna see certain numbers from certain bands, we tried not to listen to them as much as we could on this tour, the only thing they really got out of the numbers issue was the lineup of the bands, whoever sold the most CD’s in order and stuff like that, we took Gatsbys because we fuckin love em as people and as a band, they’re good people, they are honest musicians, and people had been really shitty to them for the past 3 years on tour, getting booed of stage, getting horrible tours, and we wanted to take em out and put them in front of an honest crowd, which is what we have.

"It's a bit of a testament to the power of the Internet and how things have really changed,"

"We walked away from that saying, 'Club tours are going to be a cinch,'"

"Some musicians say, 'If you can do Warped Tour, you can do any tour.'"

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