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People do look up to me and it makes me feel good. I made it out of a bad situation and I didn't mind bettering myself and I think that is what people respect. Most people go backwards but I was able to look at the big picture.

I am a product of my environment, and I've either been in a situation where I'm trying to get mines at all costs or someone's trying to get me. Either way, it's a hustle involved. And I was a hustler. I admit that. Now, I just turned my hustlin' skills into ones that help sell records.

I can't ask for nothing else but maybe to grow as an individual. As far as directing, I know everything about the camera now, and I'm writing more. I can be on a plane writing or in the studio writing. It's all about being organized. And I'm not really gonna worry about being organized because God's with me, and he's giving me these skills. The Lord blesses certain people with talents, and they got to go with that.

Oh man, busy. (Laughs) With the clothing line, the record, we've got our gameface on. It's an Ooohhhwee year.

I think you have to be when you own your own business. I'm looking at the new No Limit as being a legacy. It's incredible that we've been able to build this up and survive over ten years and we are doing the right thing by maintaining.

I think that is what the new No Limit is about. We will have our first pop acts this year. We are a corporation now not just a rap company. I think that is where the maturity comes from to the new No Limit. In order to be big in the industry you have to branch out to pop, rock 'n' roll, and more to get the respect.

I think it laid the floor plans for my success on a business level and not just as an entertainer. An entertainer wants to come in and make a record, but someone that understands the future that if it pops you want to make some money off it.

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