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Massive Attack Quotes

“When people realised it was going to be mostly myself and Neil (Davidge), because of Mushroom leaving and (Daddy) G being unavailable, I think they thought it was going to be a real guitar-fest, very dark and very heavy,”
Robert Del Naja

“Being stubborn I didn’t want to prove everyone right - I did completely the opposite, something a bit more gentle, more intricate and a bit more thoughtful.”
Robert Del Naja

“Everything seems so predictable and generic right now, I wanted something that felt very human and real.”
Robert Del Naja

“It’s a spiritual place, the third eye, the window to the soul… the place where you can communicate, without thinking.”
Robert Del Naja

“Getting out of your head is important because it does what it says, you escape from yourself a little bit, you escape from the usual trappings of your personality”.
Robert Del Naja

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