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Marty Casey Quotes

“My concern going into this was that my music is a little different than their music. J.D. seems like he's in the same style, ... I totally respect INXS' decision, it is their band and they've given me so much.”

“I'm being told how much this has changed my life, but I haven't stepped outside into the civilian world for weeks, ... My family doesn't treat me any different, but a lot of people ask me for autographs. That is completely different for me, but I'm a lead singer, I love attention.”

“I can't say I wasn't disappointed not to get the gig, it's what I came here to do, but it seemed like it was meant to be,”

“So those are the tools that I've learned, and getting this falsetto voice that I never knew I had. There have been a few honest musical breakthrough moments that kicked me up a notch.”

“For me, that is my ... greatest accomplishment ... getting an original song to break through and connect with people, ... And I am really, really proud of that.”

“Being the opening act is really the best possible scenario for me, ... I've been with my band for 15 years and now I get the best of both worlds.”

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