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Country Music has always changed for the times, if you listen to the recordings from the 50ís to 60ís to 70ís, to now, the message is still there, basic down to earth songs about real people, it the music thatís been updated. Some of it I like, but still prefer the traditional sound.
Mark Chesnutt

ďI'm glad that Southeast Texas has taken all of these evacuees in and is taking care of them - that tells a lot about the folks around here.Ē
Mark Chesnutt

I've never agreed to do a cooking show before,Ē
Mark Chesnutt 

I donít consider myself a songwriter, Iíve tried, Iíve written a few with friends but thatís an art form Iím gonna leave to guys like Jimmy Ritchey and Kevin Fowler.
Mark Chesnutt

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