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The first major label album will be out in hopefully late April (2004). I have an album out now that was released last September called "Momentary Setback."

Yeah, I'm thinking probably 75 to 80 percent of the songs I've written since "Momentary Setback" will make it on the new record. Maybe some songs from "Momentary Setback" will make it on there.

No not really. I'm the first Broussard of my lineage that has stepped outside and made some real waves in regard to the national scene. So in that regard I'm sort of a pioneer as far as the Broussards are concerned. I don't feel any pressure. They're all behind me 100 percent.

A little bit of one. Kids show up and help us out anyway they can. You can download posters off my website or flyers and stuff. You can be as proactive as you want to be. That would help us out in a big way.

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