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"Music is my passion. It's my priority. I love it."
"It (music) kind of challenges me each and every time. The fact that the music isn't necessarily the most successful thing that I have going on in my lifeā€¦"
"I love music and I guess I have less expectations or pressure to kind of put on myself because the music hasn't been some huge sensation."
"I consider myself to be a romantic person, and I love the idea of having a soul mate."
"I like older boys, but they think, 'She's underage.' I'd love to have somebody in mind when I sing."
"I'm not comfortable doing that. You shouldn't send that message out, that tight clothes are what get you the attention. If it works for them, fine. But, it's not for me." - about the prospect of her dressing in revealing outfits similar to those of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera

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