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I'm still friends with those guys and I wish the best for them. I understand that they are not doing a whole lot but they're going to do something; all those guys are going to be successful and somebody in life and really for me I just feel like that band wasn't the band I was supposed to be in, this one is. That was just another live lesson learned on your way to where you're supposed to be. Everything happens for a reason.
(on leaving the band Rewind Yesterday)

Going over there playing for the troops, you know I know what they go through. I didn't actually go to Iraq, but I've been on deployment many times and it sucks man when you're that far away from home and you're in a different country; it's nothing like this, nothing like this at all. It's totally 180 degrees different so to go over there and have those guys so excited to see a show, to see a rock band, and coming up to you after the show and saying "you made my year" you know because they have been over there for over a year.

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