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Lucie Silvas Quotes

"It happens instinctively, because it's stuff that's on your mind. It's not just about the writing of the song, it's something you feel from within you. When you're co-writing you can also take on board someone else's feelings and emotions."

"You either want to be an artist or write for other people - it's very difficult to be both."

“In ‘The Game Is Won’ it says ‘If everything is how it should be then everything will come’. As clichéd as it sounds, I do believe in fate.”

“On stage I feel completely, 100% myself. You can never really see an artist until you see them live.”

“I was behind the scenes for quite a long time. I was always in studios and I thought that was where I felt most comfortable, but being on stage…there’s no feeling like it. It’s the biggest, most expressive thing you can do because you can take it to another level. There’s nothing like a live show.”

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