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The Lovemakers Quotes

“Now it’s just a matter of getting them set and finishing them.” In the meantime, they’ve been trying to tour—preferably as an opener for a larger band again—but “It hasn’t been easy to get new tours. It’s like you and a thousand other bands. If you’re not in the top twenty, forget it.”
Scott Blonde

“A lot of the songs are a little reminiscent of Nirvana,”
Scott Blonde

“There’s more grunge, some heavy stuff…it’s still a pop record, but 70% of it is more guitar-heavy. There are some power ballads. There are a lot less keyboards and less sequencing.”
Scott Blonde

“On the last one, a lot of songs were written about situations that were real, but we’d sort of switch them around and change them. This time, they are personal—life or death situations. I think it comes from touring and being on the label. It’s like, ‘Hey. It’s not exactly like we thought.’”
Scott Blonde

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