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Love and Rockets Quotes

The EBow is a great bit of gear. I have shares in the company, and they're doing quite well, thank you very much. [Laughs.] My Fernandes guitar is called the Sustainer, and it works on the same principle as an EBow. You hit the strings, and they go on forever.
Daniel Ash

In about '89 or '90. We were listening to the Happy Mondays, the Orb, and Spiritualized. Also, Kevin's been using drum machines for quite a while now, and I used one in Tones on Tail. It was an extremely crude, $35 drum machine. From about '85 to '89, we worked in the normal way of bringing songs in and working them out with bass, drums, and guitar. Then, after a two-year break, we started working on Hot Trip to Heaven, and we deliberately went in without any guitars so that it would be something new and novel for us.
Daniel Ash (about dance music)

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