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The collaboration with Kelis was simple..you know Puff was managing her, she spent alot of time at Daddys House (Recording studio), and that happens to be a place where chill all the time you know do my recording and hang out or whatever.

Yeah, we had harlem on lock, we used to do Essos, Country Club all the undergound circles, we had the smash we used to run up in the club 30 deep, you know what im sayin doing all that barberic sh!t and all that, but it like I came a long way, cuz a lot of cats think im not street orientated, or im like anti-hard core, whatever the case may be, but what yall fail to relaize is, that everybody gotta grow up in life.

Basically like you said I was introduced to the game based on the magnitude im at know based on the success of "I Need a Girl Pt1" and "I Need a Girl Pt2" and like being that that set me apart from alot of artists and also placed me in a certain categorywhere im considered like the new wave Leon Phelps.

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