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Making the Band’ was my first experience with the music industry.

I had actually recorded CDs before with my gospel choir. This was nothing like what I had done before though.

Bryan and I were the first members of the group. I met our current manager at the premiere for the show ‘Making the Band’ in L.A. Bryan and I hadn’t made the group and A.J. (our current manager) had the idea to take the guys that didn’t make it and start a new group. I spoke to Bryan about it and we thought for about a week and then decided to go ahead and do it. We then flew to New York to get started.

I do have a girlfriend, the same one as when I was on ‘Making the Band’. There was a time when we actually broke up for a couple of weeks, and I was miserable and I just couldn’t see myself being with anyone else and so we’re still together.

Obviously learning how to sing in the church choir, gospel music has had a major influence in my life. I think, even earlier on my mom and what she listened to, whether it was Stevie Wonder or Lionel Richie. Iit all had a big influence on my music back then and even now.

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