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“I was going for a kind of Zen effect, ... This record is about us going back to our element. The urgency and intensity of this album is like our first record. And the title started to mean that, yeah, we've been through a lot, and this album is coming out after we've been doing this for 10 years. It feels new and right and happy again.”

“I used to shoot the middle finger at everyone and tell them I'm a punk rocker from York, Pennsylvania,”

“We haven't recorded that quickly since Throwing Copper. When we got in the studio, we all slipped into the zone. We were working hard, but we were completely at ease, open to each other and in the flow. Everyone was awestruck by not only how fast we were recording, but also by how good it sounded.”

“It was such a cathartic experience putting together our greatest hits because it reminded us of where we came from and gave us a clear idea of what we've grown into as a band. Now that we've signed with our new label, Epic, it really feels like we've closed a chapter and with this new record are starting over.”

“This song probably has the most memorable melody we've ever recorded. I really like how we're using something so catchy to convey these abstract lyrical ideas I have about songwriting. When I sit down to write a song, I always feel like I'm wading into a river where a nurturing female presence guides me and pushes me along when I need it.”

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