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Lisa Maffia Quotes

I've enjoyed being solo just as much as being in So Solid Crew but it's been a bit lonelier as I was used to having people around me all the time.

"I think it came from either supporters who have bought my album and it's got a bit of garage on there or maybe they appreciated the garage from So Solid Crew - but it was nice to pick it up and know people appreciated me."

"It was good working with a different crowd - as that was a total pop market, but I got a good reaction. They knew who I was and knew the words of my songs all over Europe,"

"I have been lucky and have a tight relationship with my daughter even if I don't see her as much as I did before but it got me thinking about all different women's situations - and what there wouldn't be without us."

"It's hard for anyone, no matter what their age, having a child and trying to make a career, but you survive. My mum always had the motto 'You made your bed, you lie in it' and I guess I had to take responsibility for myself."

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