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"Being in the navy was like being in prison. I made the biggest mistake of my life."
"Sometimes I just wish I was born a woman, that way it would be okay to feel about men the way I do now!"
"It's good to be a rock star, dude. You get into restaurants dressed like crap when you're supposed to have a suit on."
"I've sinned so many ways it's unbelievable. I've robbed stores. I've had plenty of sex. I've lied terribly. I've cheated. I've been greedy. I've lusted. Everything. I've done it all. I need some support and help from above now. I grew up as a rebellious kid who was always locked up in his room. When I got out, I wasn't bad, I just didn't know what was right or wrong. My dad was an adoptive dad. We didn't get along that killer. I have another brother that's his son. My mom and I were always confronting. It was real easy for me to snap on my mom and for her to snap on me. It was just a weird thing."

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