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I just want to continue to have success. For myself as an artist, I just want to continue to put out music that makes my fans happy. And from a label standpoint, I want to drop a lot of groups, which is my main priority. I want to be the man behind it and making it happen. You might say that I am like a Quincy Jones of rap. And watch out for the next single, "Where's The Love At". We are making the video for that song right now.

I don't mind being in the light of his footsteps because I see some of the things that he has done that have worked and I want to try and take my things and innovate them and make them work also.

I was just showcasing other people's talent and showing people how we can do music down here.

They love it. And I'm glad. Usually, if you get your hometown behind you, everybody else will come through. A lot of people think that they have to go outside their hometown and then come back home to be accepted, but I started here because if I can't get my hometown people to like it, I sure can't get nobody else to love it.

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