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Neighborhood pride. We drink on our driveway, typical things we do, it stays in our music. I don't change my slang, the way that I talk is the way that I talk. Just telling our own stories, we have our own stories to tell and if people can respect that, it's all good. If they cant respect that, hopefully people will get the understanding of it later on. A lot of radio station are scared to play it (gang-themed music), I hear black rappers talk about red shoelaces, red shoes, you know what they're talking about. But when it comes to a Chicano saying it, they get scared. A lot of stations scared to play me, I'm on the frontlines trying to get played. Bash is doing this thing to knock down the doors. That's all we can do is try.

I look back and I think that I used to write better back then, when I turned 22, the rhymes were coming outside. Sometimes I feel like I can't even write like that no more since so much has happened. Gotta get motivated, put my problems down on paper. I understand life a little bit more, you can't trust a lot of people, can't trust nobody.

It would be cool to get recognized, just to see a Latino hit the Grammies. Seen anyone that dresses like us, or see a show on the regular Grammies where we go up there with the Jay-Z's and Eminem, ‘cause there's a lot of Mexicans out there that buy their music. Crazy how many Mexicans in L.A., and they support black rap, they can support our rap.

I mean, back in the days, my brother used to DJ, back when Krush Groove came out. Breakdancing, I was in third grade, they called me Lil Rob. I was performing, I would go to the other elementary schools and breakdance with the older guys. Hip Hop was always there, my brother was DJing parties, blend some of the music together, learned how to blend, scratching and stuff.

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