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My dad's in the army, so I've been all over: North Carolina, New Jersey, Georgia, Texas, Maryland. We didn't even unpack our clothes. It was like, What's the sense unpacking when you know you're going to move?

When I was five I started singing in church. Then in junior high and high school I wanted to be a rapper. But after that people started telling me, "Yo, you should sing. Do you realize you have the voice of an angel?" I always thought I looked too tomboyish to sing. They said, "Girl, we could fix that." So now I sing and rap and write.

When I rapped in high school, people called me Monie Levin' [after the rapper Monie Love]. Then they shortened it to Mo. And I'm always asking for a little more something: [in a high voice] "Can I have a little more juice? Can I have a little more reverb?"
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I used to pick fights with a lot of guys because I liked them. And then it was like, How many times do you have to keep on doing this until you figure it out? That happened in all the two and a half relationships I've been in.

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