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For us, it was dedication. It took us six years to get somewhere, but at first we just started jamming in my basement at home and we did that for a long time and eventually started doing local shows and started getting out there.

Most people are used to the pop star image and they’re assuming we’re the same thing, a manufactured band, but it’s not like that. We have been together for six years so people like Avril and Michelle coming out are really helping people like us to break through.

I really love writing songs and I like to pour it (emotions) out. When you get to express your feelings with an audience, when they are taking it and feeling it as well, it’s very, very inspiring.

As a female singer we look up to Alanis Morissette and Joni Mitchell. We grew up with the Beatles, and it really inspired us to start a band. They were young and wrote their music.

The first song I ever learned was a Beatles tune, “Here comes the sun.”

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