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It's a classic. I ain't never said this about no album. Most people are like, "Go get my album it's hot," but this album is a classic because I stepped it up. It's more mature. As far as production goes, I produced five tracks. I'm making beats now or whatever. I've got a production team now me and my homeboy or whatever. I got Nate Dogg on the album this time around. MJG is on the album, of course Zero, Lil Keke, Pokey, Yuk Mouth and Squad Up is on the album and I got Lyfe on the album.

When I first got my deal I used to be on there everyday like that. I just looked on there recently probably a few months ago. I don't pay attention to it a lot because you have people that show you love and people that hate. If you pay attention to that a lot it will mess up your thinking. If you try to please the people that are hating on you, you mess around and get the people who liked what you were doing they @#$%& around and get mad. It's a Catch 22. On the Internet fans were like, "I wish Lil Flip would rap fast again like he used to," cause when I first came out I used to rap fast on a couple of tracks; so on this album I have a couple of tracks where I rap fast for the fans.

I feel like it's important but I switched my hustle with the mix tape game. I'm cool with Kay Slay, I'm cool with Whoo Kid, I'm cool with Green Lantern, I'm cool with every DJ, DJ Flad, anytime they call for freestyles I give them not one freestyle I give them two, I give them three. So what I did now, now when I do my mix tapes I do them all over original beats so I can actually put them in stores. I have a mix tape I put out with me and Zero called Kings of the South. It's in the stores right now for fans who ain't got it. Its all original beats so that way I don't have to worry about the RIAA trying to take money cause I aint rapping on nobody else beats.

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