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Lil Boosie Quotes

Somtimes I regret it, because people take it the wrong way. Everybody got a bad ways, and Iím a ĎBad AssíÖ whenever Iím not good, so thatís what Iím talkiní about. 
Lil Boosie

I think thatís because a lot of people are burningí C.D.ís. There are a lot of people burniní peoples stuff, and that hurts a lot of rappers. They not workiní more, [or] as hard than the first time. People expect more and more every time. They gotta look at that too. I think there are different reasons. 
Lil Boosie

I wanna do actiní. You know what Iím sayin? I want to be a manager for new artists, get real estateÖ 
Lil Boosie

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