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you still my heart & you take my breath away
would u take me in, would you take me deeper
cuz you're all i want...you're all i need...
you're everything*

Jason Wade: I was very, very shocked -- all of us were -- because our record label was very frank with us and, and let us know how difficult it was going to be out there, and how competitive it is. And they were giving us figures of like only two percent will ever sell like a million records. We realized that if we were going to make it work, we were just going to have to really work hard and tour a lot and develop a very strong fan base. So when the song started taking off on its own, we didn't think it was going to be that easy. We were all completely shocked and enamored with the whole experience. I was only 20 years old.

When the single started doing really well, we started making some more money -- life becomes a little bit easier than being a starving musician playing clubs. That's great for me, because when I'm worried and stressed out about money, it takes away from my songwriting. It's given me the opportunity not to worry about that stuff, just to worry about the things that really matter to me, which is lyrics and music.

JW: Yeah, oh -- everyone did. I mean, I read a bunch of reviews of why people thought that it was just the right timing in rock radio and all this stuff, and pop radio wasn't playing that much rock music. A lot of people had different theories of why it did so well, and now I just try to stay out of it. I think if people figured out how to do it every time they would, and then every record company would be rich! It has a lot to do with timing, it just has a lot to do with luck -- you know, just being in the right place at the right time.

At the shows, right after we get off stage, we cool off for about fifteen minutes and then we go sign autographs for about an hour and half every night and get to talk to everybody. To me, that's probably the best part -- to get to hear people's stories and hear how your music has impacted them. I think without that, you don't have a healthy perspective of what you're doing, because really, you're not playing music for yourself. You're playing music for your fans -- trying to pick the songs that they want to hear. They're paying for the tickets to come see you, so I think it's a little self-indulgent sometimes when bands decide not to play their hits and don't really take care of their fans. I think that's they're the most important part of all this. I know that without them we'd be playing to empty clubs. I think people take that for granted sometimes -- that people show up, and drive three hours out of their way to come see you play live. We're just giving it one hundred and ten percent on stage, and really trying to pick their favorite songs to play, because we're doing it for them.

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