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James Bond: This is no place for you, Q. Go home.
Q: Oh, don't be an idiot, 007. I know exactly what you're up to, and quite frankly, you're going to need my help. Remember, if it hadn't been for Q Branch, you'd have been dead long ago.
[Opens case]
Q: Everything for a man on holiday. Explosive alarm clock -- guaranteed never to wake up anyone who uses it. Dentonite toothpaste -- to be used sparingly latest in plastic explosive...

Franz Sanchez: Remember, you're only president... for life.

Franz Sanchez: Señor Bond, you got big cojones. You come here, to my place, without references, carrying a piece, throwing around a lot of money... but you should know something: nobody saw you come in, so nobody has to see you go out.

[Killifer, who took the bribe, is dangling on a rope over shark-infested water.]
Ed Killifer: There's $2 million in that suitcase. I'll split it with you.
James Bond: You earned it. You keep it.
[Throws the case at him, knocking him into the water.]
Sharkey: God, what a terrible waste. ...Of money.

Della Leiter: [kissing Bond] That's a custom, you see. The bride always gets to kiss her best man.
James Bond: I thought it was the other way around.
Della Leiter: Aww...
[kisses him again]
Della Leiter: Oh, James, would you mind? Felix is still in the study and we've got to cut this cake.
James Bond: I'll do anything for a woman with a knife.

M: This private vendetta of yours could easily compromise Her Majesty's government. You have an assignment, and I expect you to carry it out objectively and professionally.
James Bond: Then you have my resignation, sir.
M: We're not a country club, 007!
M: Effective immediately, your licence to kill is revoked, and I require you to hand over your weapon. Now. I need hardly remind you that you're still bound by the Official Secrets Act.
James Bond: I guess it's, uh... a farewell to arms.

James Bond: Pam, this is Q, my "uncle". Q, this is "Miss Kennedy," my "cousin."
Q: Ah! We must be related.
[kisses her]

[A fork lift truck bursts through a wall with a man impaled on the forks.]
James Bond: Looks like he came to a dead end.

[Asked why he has a gun.]
James Bond: In my business you prepare for the unexpected.
Franz Sanchez: And what business is that?
James Bond: I help people with problems.
Franz Sanchez: Problem solver.
James Bond: More of a problem eliminator.

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